Building Blocks for Relationships
Gaspar Garcia
By: Rev. Gaspar Garcia A good relationship is up to you.

Building Blocks for Relationships: Qualities for Christian Living
by Gaspar Garcia

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Building Blocks for Relationships is a study on how to foster relationships by relying on Bible Scripture and exploring the core values Jesus used to build relationships during his lifetime on Earth.

Gaspar Garcia, pastor of the Church of Divine Grace in Davie, Florida, has worked in church leadership and Christian ministry for more than twenty years. Through personal and professional experience, he illustrates how the Bible's most basic principles like truth, honesty, integrity, and sincerity (THIS) when applied in a relationship will yield positive and fruitful results. Garcia describes the basic elements fundamental to a successful relationship. He examines the challenges that Christians face in establishing and sustaining sound relationships, and reviews the qualities that constitute a healthy and vibrant relationship, and provides specific ways to:

Relieve stress in marriage
Contribute to the goals of the relationship
Enjoy talking with your children
Build proper expectations with new acquaintances
By applying principles established thousands of years ago, you can construct a sound foundation for improving your relationships, starting today!